Rhino Rescue Pro IFAK

The Rhino Rescue Pro IFAK is the most comprehensive kits that we currently stock. Think of it as a first aid kit on steroids!

The kit is packed to the brim with all the items you need without sacrificing quality yes still maintaining a high level of affordability.

Unveiling the Upgraded Pro IFAK

Enhance your first aid capabilities with the Rhino Rescue Pro IFAK. Based on community feedback, we’ve improved and expanded our equipment offerings for a more comprehensive first aid experience.

Massive Hemorrhage and Circulatory Care

This kit is well-equipped with user-friendly, compact, and popular survival and first aid supplies for massive bleeding control. It includes a military combat tourniquet, tactical Israeli pressure dressing, and compressed gauze – everything you need to manage serious hemorrhage effectively.

Respiratory, Airway and Hypothermia Treatment

We’ve included two non-vented chest seals for managing sucking chest wounds and a 28F NPA tube for airway management. Recognizing that significant blood loss often results in shock and a drop in body temperature, an emergency thermal blanket is also included to help maintain warmth and treat hypothermia.

Bone Fracture Treatment

The kit comes complete with a 36-inch splint roll to stabilize fractures, alongside a triangle bandage and elastic bandage to wrap around and secure limbs, preventing further movement. These elements have been carefully selected for their effectiveness in treating limb fractures.

Pro IFAK Contents

Rhino Rescue Pro IFAK


  • Windlass Tourniquet * 1
  • Chest seal 3 holes * 2
  • Emergency Bandage,6” * 1
  • Nasal Airway (NPA),28Fr * 1
  • CPR Face Shield * 1
  • Aluminum Splint,36” * 1
  • Compressed Gauze,4.5”*4.1yd * 1
  • Polycarbonate Eye Shield * 1
  • DD 1380 Card * 1

Gauze & Bandages

  • Burn Dressing,4”*4” * 1
  • Adhesive Bandages Bundle * 1
  • Triangular Bandage, 53”*38”*38” * 1
  • Elastic Bandage Wrap,3”*5yd * 1
  • Gauze sheet,5cm*5cm * 2

Treat & Care

  • Burn Gel,3g *1
  • Sting Relief Pads *2
  • Emergency Blanket,63”*83” *1


  • Soap Wipes * 2
  • Antiseptic Wipes * 2
  • Iodophor Swabs * 10
  • Alcohol Pads * 12


  • Medical Shears 1 pair(19cn)
  • Marker * 1
  • Medical Tape * 1
  • Tongue Depressor * 1
  • Exam Gloves 1 pair
  • Safety Pins * 6
  • First Aid Guide * 1

Bag Construction

The Rhino Rescue Pro IFAK comes in a sturdy, high quality 600D Cordura bag with sturdy zippers.
The bag also features a hook-and-loop backing that allows for rip-away access.
On the front, you’ll find a hook-and-loop panel on the top for attaching identification and morale patches.
Below the panel are three strings of laser cut molle.
On the inside, you’ll find elastic straps to hold everything in place.
Pockets on contain items that need to be stored flat; like the chest seals.
The detachable pouch in the middle of the case is held in place by hook-and-loop and hides cleaning and basic bandages within its zipper compartment.

Rhino Rescue Pro IFAK


Black, Red, MultiCam, Coyote

Rhino Rescue Pro IFAK Rhino Rescue Pro IFAK Trauma K...


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