Rhino Rescue Tactical Tourniquet

Rhino Rescue Tactical Tourniquet


Snakestaff Systems Everyday Tourniquet ETQ Wide

Snakestaff Everyday TQ ETQ Wide

Safe Guard Medical Tactical Mechanical Tourniquet


The Tactical Mechanical Tourniquet (TMT™) is a hemorrhage control device specifically designed for massive hemorrhage control of an extremity.

Using lessons learned from the battlefield, the TMT is designed to ensure ease of application and definitively achieve occlusion.

Taught as a self-aid and buddy-aid task, the TMT requires minimal training to instantly treat life-threatening hemorrhage of an extremity.

Additionally, the TMT eliminates shortcomings found in other tourniquets.

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The Safe Guard Medical Tactical Mechanical Tourniquet (TMT™) is a Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care-recommended tourniquet, added to the Guidelines in 2019.

The TMT is one of the newest tourniquets to be proposed to the Department of Defense (DoD) since 2005!

Wider Made for a Better Tourniquet

The TMT is a major advancement in tourniquet care with its 2″ wide pressure band, resolving issues that profoundly affect the amount of blood loss from extremity hemorrhage.

Older tourniquet designs are documented as too narrow to guarantee successful occlusion with the application of only one tourniquet.

Product Benefits

  • FAST: True One-Handed Application in 30 seconds or less
  • DURABLE: Co-poly resin acetyl with IR/UV protective additive
  • BETTER: eliminates the current tourniquet “percentage of failure” rate

Product Attributes

  • True one-handed application for both upper and lower extremities in 30 seconds or less
  • Wider band for occlusion at lower pressure and increased comfort
  • Dual locking mechanism to prevent slippage and loss of pressure
  • Audible signature “click” identifies torsion bar is secure
  • Advanced materials with IR and UV protection
  • Integrated UV protection for increased durability
  • Accommodates varying limb circumferences:
    • 5-3/4” Min
    • 38” Max

Clinical Benefits

  • Allows for faster application in one handed and two handed application compared to other tourniquets
  • Increased comfort from the wider band allows for better occlusion at lower pressure without further harm to the patient
  • Ease of application and intuitive use
  • Cost effective-
    • Reduced budget requirement for fielding of force
    • Increased capability and efficacy over current solution

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