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First Line Medical Essentials IFAK Bag


The Essentials IFAK bag from First Line Medical is perfectly sized to ensure you have enough space for the essential Stop-The-Bleed items!

The internal storage is aided by conveniently placed elastic holders to keep everything in its place.

Small and convenient – now you have the perfect companion for your daily carry routine!

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First Line Medical Essentials IFAK Bag

Have you been looking for the perfect IFAK bag that fits all the important items you need and none that you don’t?

Well, look no further! The FLM Essentials IFAK Bag is here!

The Perfect Companion

Measuring 18 cm x 10 cm, the Essentials IFAK bag is small and compact enough to accompany you wherever you go.

Slip it into your laptop bag, drop it into the car door compartment, leave it on a desk or in the workshop. No matter where your day takes you, the Essentials bag will fit in with your lifestyle.

Whilst other IFAK bags try to be overtly tactical, our Essentials bag has one focus – make it simple and easy for you to carry the necessary Stop The Bleed items with you at all times!

Quality Materials

Made of 600D nylon, this little bag is built strong. The sturdy nylon fibres are interwoven to protect against tearing and offers high wear resistance.

High quality loop fabric is employed across the front panel of the bag.

Wide elastic bands are precision stitched into place to ensure for uniform placement of your supplies.

Tough PALS/Molle straps on the rear make it possible to interface with other items.

Everything Has Its Place

The Essentials IFAK bag prioritizes function as much as it does form. That’s why you’ll find the internal organization to be better than other bags in the market today.

The stretchy yet sturdy elastic straps are laid out thoughtfully, placing emphasis on storing the necessary supplies as compactly as possible and preventing your supplies from falling out when rapidly deploying your kit.

Packed close and tight, there’s no wasted space here.

Quick And Easy Access

Being able to access your medical gear in a hurry is a necessity.

That’s why we designed the Essentials IFAK bag to hold your Tourniquet on the outside. The wide and sturdy elastic straps are designed to work well with the venerable North American Rescue CAT Gen 7 and, of course, with our ever-popular Rhino Rescue range of tourniquets. Ensure that you remove your tno

The Essentials IFAK bag features dual zippers that move easily and smoothly.

Large nylon pulls on each zipper provides you with the confidence to be able to open the bag under challenging circumstances.

No need to worry about trying to get a grip on the zip when your hands are wet and you’re operating in stressful conditions.

Industry-Standard Mounting Capability

Being the trained and prepared individual you are, you’ve likely got other items of gear that support the industry standard PALS/MOLLE system.

You’ll find two PALS straps on the rear of the Essentials IFAK bag that allows for convenient securing to your other gear.

Soft Loop Front

What good is a bag if you cannot attach a cool patch on it?

The front of the Essentials IFAK bag is covered with high quality loop fabric. This soft loop will not catch on items of clothing but will bind with the hook fabric on the rear of standard morale patches.

The included (limited time only) “Bleeding Control Kit” patch can be used to convey the bags intention to others around you so that it can be easily identified in an emergency.

Or, go ahead and attach your coolest Spongebob patch on it 😉

What Can I Pack In The Essentials IFAK Bag

Open the Essentials IFAK bag by pulling the zippers in opposite directions.

Lie the bag flat in front of you.

Chest Seal – the North American Rescue Hyfin Compact Twin pack is perfect for this bag. Fold the packet in half along and work it into the rear compartment on either side.

Hemostatic – choose between Celox 15g granules or one of our Hemostatic Gauze options. Pack your chosen product on the rear compartment on the side opposite to the the chest seal.

Compressed Gauze – Neatly tuck in the sides of the compressed gauze packet and work it into the side with the shorter elastic straps. It should fit snugly. Works perfectly with our Rhino Rescue and North American Rescue options.

Pressure Bandage – Choosing the side with the longer elastic straps, gently work either the 4″ or the 6″ pressure bandage securely into position. Take care to pack in the sides of the packaging to ensure they do not get snared in the zippers. We’ve tested this with both 4″ and 6″ variants of the Rhino Rescue and OLAES pressure bandages.

Trauma Shears – our First Line Medical 16cm trauma shears can be packed in neatly along the compressed gauze.

NPA – should you choose to carry one, your NPA should be slotted in under the elastic straps on the side of the pressure bandage.

Gloves – yes, they have their own spot too! Fold your gloves into a circular ball and tuck it into the smallest of the elastic straps in the bag.

Tourniquet – save the best for last right 🙂 Once you’ve packed the above items, close your Essentials bag taking care to look for any packaging that might get caught in the zippers. If you spot any problems, be sure to attend to it and fold the packaging away from the zippers.

Your tourniquet must be removed from its packet, and staged in a ready-to-deploy configuration. Once you have it ready, slide your tourniquet under the two sturdy elastic straps on the side of the Essentials IFAK bag.

Your Essentials IFAK bag is now ready to roll 🙂


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